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Auction Services


As a sworn appraiser, appointed in terms of the provisions of Section 6 (1) of the Estates Act 1965(Act 66 of 1965), valuations are conducted for deceased estate purposes and movables assets.

Detailed inspections and appraisals are performed on all movable assets and immovable property for deceased estate purposes.


  1. 35 years’ experience in the auctioneering industryI provide a full auctioneering service for the following:
    • Household auctions
    • Deceased Estate Auctions
    • Liquidations and Insolvencies
    • Art auctions
    • Vehicle auctions

The auction is a staged event, working with a professional team from start to completion.

  • Meeting with client
  • Identification of assets
  • Setting up marketing campaign and advertising proposal
  • Photographing and cataloguing of items for auction
  • Full colour brochure
  • Viewing dates set
  • Auction date- admin staff present and live auction on site
  • Reconciliation and settlement of account


I have vast experience in the auctioning of Real Estate with an enormous client base .

The highest property auction result was R 161 million at the fall of the hammer:

Highlights include:

The sale of land in  Milnerton  R34 Million

The sale of land in Mobeni Durban R 141 million

Sale of Building in Johannesburg R 84 million

The auction process is an event  usually held onsite or at a high profile hotel or conference venue.

It includes:

  • Property inspection and valuation
  • Massive marketing and advertising campaign
  • Two onsite viewings/ show days
  • Full colour brochures and virtual tours
  • Auction onsite or at high profiled venue
  • Personal Service from sale to transfer

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