Over 200 pieces of the finest photographic art is up for auction online from 1 August to the 2nd September when it will be closing at midnight.

The Photographer, Matthew Willman relates all his unique stories through outstanding photographic art representing his personal experiences around the world and in Africa.

He was Nelson Mandela’s personal photographer and so had captured some extremely unique moments with the iconic leader.

Born in South Africa in 1979. Living in South Africa ever since but working internationally. His work reflects an innate desire to understand how we relate to the real and imaginary worlds we inhabit, especially the role body language plays in expressing emotions and telling stories. He is inspired by who we are and what we shape ourselves to be in the context of our environment, history, and learning.
He began his career working for some of the world’s foremost institutions in the field of visual communication, development, visual arts, and leadership. He’s travelled the world working to date in 48 countries, photographing people and places, communities, and issues that go deep into who we are and what we shape ourselves to be. Many of his clients have included Oxfam International, The World Health Organisation, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The Bill Clinton Presidential Library, The Vodafone Foundation, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Centre, Robben Island Museum, and The European Commission. Whilst big names count for something it’s his passion for the individual that drives him. His experiences have gone beyond the façade where he is able to delve into intimate worlds of dancers, ballet companies, performing artists, issues of gender, adulthood, expression, cultures, and identity.
Being commissioned to photograph powerful individuals from a cross-section of the global community certainly does impress on any biography. These have included: US Presidents Barack Obama & President Bill Clinton, 6 South African Presidents, Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Annie Lennox, a further 22 Presidents, 12 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and a host of sports personalities, musicians, politicians, and philanthropists. Yet for him, that’s par for the course and pays the bills. As a creative, it’s the private individual, the deeply cultural communities, forgotten worlds and above all the powerful expression of dance that he counts most if achievement is to be labelled.
In 2003 an extraordinary opportunity came his way. It remains perhaps one of his greatest achievements and significant contributions to the recording of the process of South Africa’s democratic change. In 2003 he was commissioned to photograph Nelson Mandela for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and through ten years he created an intimate collection of images on the life and times of Nelson Mandela affording him many private interactions with Mandela himself. A repository of images recorded for generations to come. His collection of work is now central to the Mandela Centre of Memory & Presidential Library in Johannesburg.
The world is his palette, he’s inspired by people and the privilege of intimacy that photography brings.

Each piece is chosen specifically for this charity auction and will be signed for the purchaser as well.

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase one or many of his unique photographs.

When you bid you will be able to choose a charity as well and 50% of the sales will go towards that organisation.

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime, whilst helping South African Charities increase their exposure and wonderful work that they do.
Visit to bid online.

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